Sunday, January 8, 2012

What does your 2012 look like? Well...

In the past week soldiers from my state gave the ultimate sacrifice. It is a shame to see the terrible things people write in relation to our military. It is a shame that many families will never have the opportunity to stand up against those who bash our military and are ignorant towards the reality of it all. People may not agree with where our soldiers serve but the truth is they are there to continue to protect our freedom, our country, our homes, our families, our friends, our lives.
This year the one I love will be waking up someplace foreign to all of us and you bet I will miss him like hell BUT I am even that much more proud of him and his service to our country. Anyone who has a loved one in the military even in the beginning stages of service has those awful gut feelings, but you cannot live life based on the awful that "could" come of their service. Anytime my mind steps in that direction I remind myself of why I even met my husband. It was because of the military. Maybe I will explain how we met in a future post on one of those days ahead in my future where I know I will need to really remind myself as that period of time when they are away cannot be explained. I've been there once and this will be our second. It will be a lot different this time around, but I know I will make it through...again.
So next time you read someone's nasty comments about the loss of a soldier please remind them that the person who gave the ultimate sacrifice was a husband. wife, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, father, or mother. They signed up to keep all of us safe from pure evil. I stand up to those who think they hot shit to speak out because they're not busy or don't take a moment to try and understand or learn about the military.
My husband was the first person my age who is in the military and since then a handful of guys I grew up with who I still claim as my extra bunch of brothers serve too. I'm proud of them all and pray for each of them and their safety. I'm thankful and grateful to live in this country. I'll miss my husband when he heads out, and will be dealing with all that comes with being the other half to someone who will be waking up somewhere else on the planet.
May God Bless those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, their families, their friends. I cannot imagine that feeling and pray that I never have to ever go through what they are at this time of sudden loss. Bless all military troops so that each day ahead they wake up safe and rested to combat all ahead of them in their day.

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