Monday, July 9, 2012

Damn it has been a while since I posted anything. I don't have an audience so I'm sure no one  out there really gives a crap, but I don't either therefore I will write it out anyways :)

Recently I found this great page on FB with so many inspirational, motivational, positive quotes. I am someone who strives to live in a happy world with no nonsense drama. People who freak out about non life threatening things like someone close to your suddenly passing away, anyone you love passing away, a friendship ending or beginning or restarting, learning something new, learning something new about yourself, someone you love, having a great family, and great friends even if that is your family. Those are the important things NOT who said what about to when/where it was said and blaaaah. Seriously that's what I've started to let any gossip go to: Blaaaah or the PEANUTS teacher voice womp woowwwah womppwhaaahh. So think of that nonsense waste and hear it like that.

So my quest to be balanced and keep the positive rolling has stretched onto the place I spend most of my days: WORK, my office door with be the showcase. Today I wrote a little something and will do the following each Monday. I will add a positive quote to my door each Monday to kick off the week right in hopes that the rest of the people who surround me a re inspired to do the same. I will be paying attention to how folks react and plan to share here, especially if they don't like it hehe.
This was the first:

Others I also really like are below. Have a great week folks and enjoy the wonderful people who surround you and weed out the fake ones who waste your time with gossip, nonsense, and things that will never amount to anything besides bull. You know who they are because them seem to grab your attention faster than the ones who truly count in your wonder why? OH probably because you just realized how much time the waste for you :) I always then think of those who I love so much more and remind myself of why God put them in my life because they're to overshadow the ones who still need time to grow up and learn more about the world that surrounds them. (yep total run on sentence and not a single fuck is given here) PS I'm 27 in 3 months, now that's something to be excited about...