Monday, February 20, 2012

So many Exciting things!

Well I must announce with supreme excitement that I am going to be an auntie Stephie again :) This mystery nugget is the creation of life between my sis-in-law and her man~
This little boy or girl will have so much love awaiting it's arrival it is going to just get plain crazy! So many blessings sent to the expecting mama and the little nug she's building and yes I mean BUILDING. I can't remember which comedian spoke of his wife being prego and he came home one day to see her lounging around and made the mistake of asking a prego woman "what did you do all day?..." her response was priceless and I will use it one day I am sure of it "well honey I grew an arm, yesterday a pair of legs, and tomorrow maybe some ears" I know those weren't his exact words of what had happened but so many people who know about pregnancy know that little one with our prayers will develop nothing like this expecting mama described to give her hubby a reality check...

Even though we're not planning to begin "trying" for a nug of our own for a while... I have sure learned a ton of random things about babies growing, baby's arrival, and all that comes with the experience. I am so thankful to know so many kick ass moms including my own. A slew of babies were born last year to folks a part of my life. Whether I see them nearly every time I'm home, once every couple of years, or via FB I am so happy for them and proud to know those little ones have one heck of a mama that'll have their back through the toughest shit. You know who you are J, M, S, J, L, N, L, many others including the ones expecting this year alone.
I have also learned things to avoid and so many of them have shared direct situations with me...which I know is venting, but my words don't count for a whole lot at least I don't think they can be creditable as I am not yet a mother. As stated in my opening blog I see things from multiple perspectives and cannot say I ever aim to judge anyone involved...

So even though thousands can say "If it were me I would do blah blah blah" here is a culmination of things we ourselves may have put our own parents through and should try to avoid at all costs...

Someone has been waiting far too long to get his GTL, mostly the tan part obviously...
The Vacationer

The day this begins to even happen anywhere on the planet with my future child, all of you as my witness will know I will scoop up my child and begin my super walk back to the space car we arrived in...
The Floor Cleaner

Taking it back with this one...I have a potty mouth from time to time, but we all know when the sailor should check out. 
The Sweet Adorable Sailor

I know I will try my best someday to raise bright, respectful kids and there will only be so much I can control in their little lives. I hope that each ma or pa agrees as much as we want them to be precious little real it has to start with you at home. The right actions and words are soaked up by the little sponges as soon as they can see and hear. Remember they do here sound in the womb ;) Until it is my time I think this is all the baby talk I will be fear or baby fever here. . . yet~

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There are moments in life when people say something amazing in the most inspirational way.  I guess I should have seen something coming my way that would be uplifting in my future. Last week when I met Ann Curry of the Today Show she said something powerful to me. That statement is mine to keep, but it came back to me today. 
This is one news anchor who I have grown up with throughout the years. I decided last minute to head downtown last week to stop by the Today Show broadcasting live as the 2012 Super Bowl approached. I know that I may never be in NYC and have the chance to see the show so I went alone and had a great time. She had asked if I was there alone, my little reply of "yes" seemed so child-like as I was speaking with this amazing, genuine, world traveler. She instantly said "No, not with all these people who surround you." We then spoke of where I work. She was taken a back and mentioned traveling. Ann spoke with others in this way. She has interviewed so many powerful people throughout the world. Leaders, criminals, politicians, and the list goes on. I guess no one expects others at that level of celebrity to be so genuine to people who are considered fans and admirers. It was just great and I am thankful.

There are many others who have been inspiring throughout my life. I hear my mother's voice in mine. Hearing my voice mail vs. hers is simply nuts. I love her. I also havethe toughness of both of the Memas (Grandmas) comes out from time to time. Rosie Mema is so tough and kind to so many people and also a cancer survivor. Blue Mema was one hell of a lady. Bleach white hair, attitude, and I notice that a lot when things seem tough I know how to handle it with a smile no matter how tough the situation may be. Miss you, love you, always thinking of you.
So all this inspiration may push me forward and these are only a few women who have had an influence on who I am today. Sometimes there are also days when things just don't seem to be going right. Think of someone positive in your life. They may not be a part of this world today, for example that woman seen above with yes a baby me :) but oh the things I learned from her even if she wasn't trying to teach me a thing. I took away a lot from that relationship. It is important to surround yourself with positive people who will be there for you in the most ugly or toughest part of your life. Those are true friends. Woman can be catty as shit but damn you also know some of those chicks will have your back to hell and back. Keep those positive ones close and clear the slat of those who are nothing but drama. Do you like drama? No one does.