Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New to You!

I may be no one to you now, but I've been known as a bit of a talker to those who do know me quite well. I've decided to start a blog/vlog because maybe I could be that girl who opened your mind or eyes to a new perspective on a situation happening right now in your life or someone close to you. The number ones in my life will call me crazy but there are also a handful that may say "it's about time" either way I'm going to take a chance in this new year and put myself out there. 
I'm the girl that listens. I'm a story teller, but can give input or advice without judging the people involved and look at the situation as a whole. I've seen that "ah ha" face come across the faces of friends and even strangers. Watching the light bulb flip on is something else...must be what the professionals feed off of. I'm in no way one of those professionals, just a girl from the U.S. who was born a Libra trying to keep my life balanced and don't mind helping others towards discovering how to find that balance in their own journey. 

The beginning to this craziness is that I request a handful of questions and will answer some once a week by blogging or vlogging about what has been submitted. I may become the balance between Jenna Marbles and the Ask Annie newspaper column. We shall see. Wishing all an exciting New Year, may 2012 be your best year yet. No matter how ridiculous 2011 was this is a year where you can change anything for the best in your life.
Here we go,

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