Monday, January 16, 2012

Just shoot for the stars

I don't think I will ever hear this song and not be put in a good mood. Some people get sick of songs, but this one never makes me change the station, ever. The lyrics and the beat are made to get you moving. The lyrics are hot and sassy so there's nothing wrong with that either~
Moves like Jaggerrrr makes me want to dance around no matter where I am. My house, my car, my desk. I also do not care if people driving along side me can see me belting it out with Adam Levine and his hot voice among other things...

So get up and get moving in whatever area that needs an extra kick of motivation...I working on getting our place clear of clutter and unnecessary items we never use: clothes, shoes, meaningless decor. Here's to a productive MLK Jr. Day!

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