Thursday, January 26, 2012

Panhandlers Galore

Anyone who has been in the car with me when I've spotted a panhandler at an intersection knows how I feel about them. I do realize that there are people who will do whatever it takes to make a buck, but the fact that people will pose to receive a hand out makes me angry to the core. Message to the people who fall for a panhandler's sign DONATE TO A REAL CAUSE. The money will be distributed as it should, to someone or a family that is in desperate need of assistance. 
A great investigation done by WNDU (South Bend NBC News station) covered the life of a panhandler. In the 3 part series a reporter posed as a panhandler and I suggest YOU watch it. will have the series. 
Many folks don't know it but panhandlers do "work" in groups and rotate "shifts". They can make more than many of us in a day than we will make in one week. Wouldn't that be something if business after business began to close its doors because their employers decided to become panhandlers instead? It is very easy to scrounge up a piece of cardboard and make a sappy sign about not having any money. I know the reality is that there are people who are homeless holding these signs, but a high number of them are complete posers. 
I've known people who have rolled down their windows to offer yard work to those who hold a sign with "Will Work" and the person refused the work...or another who wanted to offer a meal and again the person refused the food...conclude that the sign their holding is a big lie.
So next time you think about passing a couple of dollars to that panhandler on the side of the road because the weakness in your heart is tugging think again and donate to a real cause like medical research, to find a cure for the countless cancers, military veterans and families, a local mission, a local shelter, or even the Red Cross. 

Or maybe this will be something that will appear in your head the next time you spot a cardboard sign...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just shoot for the stars

I don't think I will ever hear this song and not be put in a good mood. Some people get sick of songs, but this one never makes me change the station, ever. The lyrics and the beat are made to get you moving. The lyrics are hot and sassy so there's nothing wrong with that either~
Moves like Jaggerrrr makes me want to dance around no matter where I am. My house, my car, my desk. I also do not care if people driving along side me can see me belting it out with Adam Levine and his hot voice among other things...

So get up and get moving in whatever area that needs an extra kick of motivation...I working on getting our place clear of clutter and unnecessary items we never use: clothes, shoes, meaningless decor. Here's to a productive MLK Jr. Day!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Responsibility...don't use the Urban Dictionary to define your sense of the word.


Yes it is quite a long word that falls into every aspect of our lives. Some use it while angry and others use it to gain a political vote, but I use it when someone needs a reality check. We are all guilty for lacking it from time to time, but the times it is noticeably not evident is when someone around us completely disregards it, and it plays a huge role in any relationship. 
It can be tough to help someone recognize that they are disrespecting someone and applying their own responsibility onto someone else. The tough part is those of us that this has happened to have a tough time letting the other person know how disrespected they feel because the last thing they want to do is hurt that person's feelings...even though lacking responsibility in a relationship is also a lack of respect for the other person who would/has covered for the slacker in the past. On the other hand this slacker could actually be someone quite egotistical and only care about themselves. Most of you know by now that I don't associate with those kind of folks...the world does not revolve around anyone. We are all just here to live and get by in the best way possible.
Does anyone else ever listen to the radio on their way in to work? Well I flip from station to station, but Russ Parr in the Morning gets my attention most mornings. They cover a broad range of topics. Family drama, Friend drama,  Lovers drama, Work drama...
This past week they requested that people call in if they felt that they were being taken advantage of when it came to supporting friends or family. One lady said she supports her man...another said he was supporting his siblings by helping with their kids and bills. Both felt awful when it came to the point of telling those who they were helping the kind of toll it was taking on them and their thoughts of the relationship.
As I continued driving and nodding in agreement of why it is important to step up and say "No, I can't take responsibility for your life" it was the best thing to do to save themselves from anxiety, stress, awkward situations with family, friends, just have to be completely honest and open. Who ever it is passing their responsibility on to you needs to be given that reality check. The response you receive from the slacker may not be all smiles and thank yous but at least you became one person in their life who decided to attempt to set them straight. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What does your 2012 look like? Well...

In the past week soldiers from my state gave the ultimate sacrifice. It is a shame to see the terrible things people write in relation to our military. It is a shame that many families will never have the opportunity to stand up against those who bash our military and are ignorant towards the reality of it all. People may not agree with where our soldiers serve but the truth is they are there to continue to protect our freedom, our country, our homes, our families, our friends, our lives.
This year the one I love will be waking up someplace foreign to all of us and you bet I will miss him like hell BUT I am even that much more proud of him and his service to our country. Anyone who has a loved one in the military even in the beginning stages of service has those awful gut feelings, but you cannot live life based on the awful that "could" come of their service. Anytime my mind steps in that direction I remind myself of why I even met my husband. It was because of the military. Maybe I will explain how we met in a future post on one of those days ahead in my future where I know I will need to really remind myself as that period of time when they are away cannot be explained. I've been there once and this will be our second. It will be a lot different this time around, but I know I will make it through...again.
So next time you read someone's nasty comments about the loss of a soldier please remind them that the person who gave the ultimate sacrifice was a husband. wife, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, father, or mother. They signed up to keep all of us safe from pure evil. I stand up to those who think they hot shit to speak out because they're not busy or don't take a moment to try and understand or learn about the military.
My husband was the first person my age who is in the military and since then a handful of guys I grew up with who I still claim as my extra bunch of brothers serve too. I'm proud of them all and pray for each of them and their safety. I'm thankful and grateful to live in this country. I'll miss my husband when he heads out, and will be dealing with all that comes with being the other half to someone who will be waking up somewhere else on the planet.
May God Bless those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, their families, their friends. I cannot imagine that feeling and pray that I never have to ever go through what they are at this time of sudden loss. Bless all military troops so that each day ahead they wake up safe and rested to combat all ahead of them in their day.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New to You!

I may be no one to you now, but I've been known as a bit of a talker to those who do know me quite well. I've decided to start a blog/vlog because maybe I could be that girl who opened your mind or eyes to a new perspective on a situation happening right now in your life or someone close to you. The number ones in my life will call me crazy but there are also a handful that may say "it's about time" either way I'm going to take a chance in this new year and put myself out there. 
I'm the girl that listens. I'm a story teller, but can give input or advice without judging the people involved and look at the situation as a whole. I've seen that "ah ha" face come across the faces of friends and even strangers. Watching the light bulb flip on is something else...must be what the professionals feed off of. I'm in no way one of those professionals, just a girl from the U.S. who was born a Libra trying to keep my life balanced and don't mind helping others towards discovering how to find that balance in their own journey. 

The beginning to this craziness is that I request a handful of questions and will answer some once a week by blogging or vlogging about what has been submitted. I may become the balance between Jenna Marbles and the Ask Annie newspaper column. We shall see. Wishing all an exciting New Year, may 2012 be your best year yet. No matter how ridiculous 2011 was this is a year where you can change anything for the best in your life.
Here we go,